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Hey there! My name is Shamina and I'm a singer/songwriter from California. I'm a large part singer/songwriter mixed with some pop and served with a side of jazzy tendencies. I've never fit into a particular box and I've grown to embrace it. As a writer, I am always in pursuit of thoughtful lyrics and healing melodies that capture, challenge, and come alongside people wherever they find themselves. 

My love of music came from a magical household with parents that encouraged creativity and were revolutionary in their "expectations" as immigrant middle eastern parents. That means the pressure to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer was non-existent. Back in the day, my dad was a full-time member in the ensemble of the opera house in Iran, was a singer/songwriter, and a member of an Assyrian folk group. My mom was a business minded wedding & event planner that worked alongside him and made sure the numbers made sense week in and week out. They noticed my ear for music early on and have been my biggest champions since.  

As I mentioned, my family is from Iran, but we are the violent Old Testament Assyrians who eventually became believers and a little less violent 😂 Not having a country, not being recognized as a people group, and being a first gen kid here in America has formed who I am as a person, as a writer and given me the position of a unique perspective. With all the rich history I have inherited from the many generations before me and the greatest gift of being recognized by God, I love writing from the place of tension that finds its rest in the Creator. 

I've had some incredible opportunities in the many years I've pursued music including a song placement in a major film, being grammy considered, playing lots of live shows including the legendary Roxy Theater in LA, and releasing many projects. Fast forward 4 EP's, 1 Christmas project, and a live acoustic project, I am currently writing towards my next album that I hope to release in 2023!